Contram ST-1, DSL/nDSL ((not on either/biocide))

Buck asked whether his customer can ship finished product with 3% Contram ST-1 into Canada. SDS shows product contains a substance not on the DSL. Emailed Mick Wragg with cc to Ben Faber - product on nDSL? or can customer not ship into Canada?

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  1. Kerry McMahon
    18 December, 2015

    Teleconference with Ben Faber, Buck and Kerry on 12/16/15. Contram ST-1 can not be sold into Canada because it is not approved as a biocide. Lubrizol has no suggested replacement/alternative. They are working on registration but expect this could be 6-24 months from completion.

  2. Kerry McMahon
    15 December, 2015

    Follow-up email to Ben for time to call.

  3. Kerry McMahon
    10 December, 2015

    Ben Faber advised it can't be sold in Canada because it's not registered. Discussed with Buck and we need to clarify - registration on DSL or as being a biocide? Be sure it can be imported as ingredient in finished product. I emailed Ben and asked him to advise when we could do a teleconference.

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